April 2, 2018

how we heal

I took a painting class this weekend that was focused on healing through the intentional creativity framework. The class was aptly named Apothecary – Turning Tragedies to Remedies. A beautiful and inviting call for someone such as myself who has suffered a fair share of tragedies in life. Some small and perhaps unnoticeable to those on the outside. Some monumental, bigger than I thought I could handle, that have left scars which flare up from time to time.

Moving through the creation process led by two artists I so admire and respect, I felt a deep sense of safety ...

March 24, 2018

haunted by social media

I often have an overwhelming sense of being crowded out mentally. I think this is one of the reasons many creatives struggle to find our way onto the creative conveyor belt. The entrance is blocked. There is a sticky cognitive congestion, an exasperating pile of ‘mental stuff’ to sort through; if you can even differentiate it. It is like a Great Pacific garbage patch of the mind – a massive accumulation of refuse, lost at sea, tossed about in invisible currents, far away and forgotten, but never really gone. At least not in the sense that you are free ...

March 23, 2018

breaking free from imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome is something I’ve heard mentioned quite a bit lately. It’s that feeling that you’re faking it to make it (and not being totally okay with that). It’s your integrity face-palming multiple times a day when you don’t feel truly confident or integrated with what you’re giving out to the world. And yet, there’s pressure to act this way. Just git’er done. Who cares if it’s not totally accurate or you haven’t really spent much time with the information you’re spitting out. Lying to people to get your job done is normal. Nobody cares. That’s how the world ...