r e f l e c t i o n s

October 22, 2020

VIVID 2020 Online Gathering!

I am preparing for and so fortunate to be one of many women leaders at the VIVID 2020 7-day online creative gathering! This is a unique event in which over 100 women will engaging together in the LEGEND Mystic painting process and personal and collective rites of passage of our own conscious design.

In my personal view, this is going to be the best thing about 2020 for me, and I am inviting all you women I know and love to join me. It’s a you-will-never-ever-regret-saying-yet-to-this kinda of thing. You know I only share what I truly believe is ...

October 7, 2020

the wetiko within

I don’t have the desire to be loud. To lead any charges. To rally or to bolster. To cheer up or to sober. I have had pain for this world and with this world in the pit of my stomach…twisting and burning…for as long as I can remember. I’ve missed a lot of parties because I couldn’t get down from the treetops – on lookout duty. And I couldn’t stop fretting as I watched the Wetiko devouring and devouring, getting closer and closer, eating our life support systems, burning sacred agreements, while we danced to the tune of ...

October 2, 2020

tracking the colonizer

What does it take to be a colonizer? 

To do the things, to cause the harms, to reap the destruction that Colonization has wrought? 

What does it take? Do you know? 

Do you feel separate from it? Do you feel it is hard to understand what could drive this dense force? 

This age-old Wetiko that continuously devours? And Devours. And Devours. 

Let’s try and track it. Find it. Look at it. 

So it will not live unconsciously inside. 

I ask again…

What does it take to be a colonizer? 

Let’s start with the dictionary definition. 

(The English dictionary definition.) 


(of a country or its citizens) send a group of settlers ...

September 30, 2020

don’t blame your Mother

I find it curious when people say things like ‘Mother earth is angry!’ to describe what is happening across the globe today. I have challenges with the Mother Earth idea in and of itself, only because we are living in an extremely patriarchal and misogynistic time and calling the Earth ‘Mother’ feels dangerous to me for that reason –  although there is so much metaphorical connection to Earth as Mother. 

But to say ‘Mother Earth is angry’, or ‘She’s fighting back!’ or other expressions, translates to me as a strange conflation or deflection from the very significant truth at the ...

September 30, 2020

a moment for grief

Every day now, I wake up, and I feel it – grief. It is not a grief conjured up solely from my own personal losses. Although those have a part to play. It is a different grief. It is a lingering, low-lying, non-distinct grief. It is a grief that hovers, mixed with concern, with worry, with desire, with longing. A grief for something lost, or dying, or calling out for my attention, that feels like it is going to perish because there is no way for me to reach it. It is like a baby constantly crying somewhere in ...

April 2, 2018

how we heal

I took a painting class this weekend that was focused on healing through the intentional creativity framework. The class was aptly named Apothecary – Turning Tragedies to Remedies. A beautiful and inviting call for someone such as myself who has suffered a fair share of tragedies in life. Some small and perhaps unnoticeable to those on the outside. Some monumental, bigger than I thought I could handle, that have left scars which flare up from time to time.

Moving through the creation process led by two artists I so admire and respect, I felt a deep sense of safety and ...

September 13, 2018

the divide between us

I’m not always sure what to do
with my anger.
When the divide between us
is so deep and wide
it feels as if we occupy
completely separate Earths.
But we do not.
We are both here.
Closed system.
Not escaping each other
any time soon.
And I know that we are