oh, cold mountain

Oh, cold mountain
so proudly displaying
the snow line
on your hip bone.
You are fashioned
and adorned
with wintertime.
I watch as
sunlight encroaches
upon you
like a lover’s fingers
coming up
the back of the neck
and over the head
tenderly discovering
the soft and sharp protrusions
the landscape
of your face.
A bright sensation
as pink cascades
over you
through you
the frozen shadows.
Such quietness now.
Such perfection.
I imagine how it must feel
to be always looking out
from the vista of yourself.
Oh, cold mountain,
I know the sun
is breathing
when I see its light
revealed first
to you.
Like a signpost
in the morning
I read you
and I am ready,
I am ushered in,
to a new
and living

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